57th Inf Plt Scout Dog


SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service Americal

His tour began on Apr 6, 1970
Casualty was on Sep 6, 1970
Body was recovered

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall
Panel 07W - - Line 42

In Memory from

Medford Senior High School

40th Reunion Class Of 1968


Mike Schwab
To my knowledge Mike was the first of our classmates to have died. He was a really good man, to have passed at such a young age.
He died at the age of 19 as a result of Friendly fire in Vietnam.
05/15/08 09:55 AM #1    

Lonnie Sarvis

My best friend whom I miss. Does anyone know where the family might be found.

05/21/08 06:13 PM #2    

Rick Singler

Lonnie, I used to work on Mike's fathers pickup in Medford back in the 1980's. Richard was his first name, check the Medford phone book for Richard Schwab. Rick

05/24/08 08:48 PM #3    

Kathy Rollins Gooch

Lonnie, last I knew, John Richard "Ric" Schwab, and his wife, Juanita are living in Jacksonville. I'm certain they are listed and would love to hear from you. Mike's mother, Madelyn, remarried many years ago and, last I saw her, was living in Ashland. Sorry, I don't remember her last name, but I know Ric will be happy to fill you in.

07/20/08 01:08 AM #4    

Steve Rothboeck

Mike had a lot of class, a nice guy, but not one to be pushed around.

I took a hunters safety course from his father, a forester with the BLM. I remember one deer hunting trip to eastern Oregon, with Mike, fellow classmate Bob Reavis also deceased, and our respective fathers. Those were great times and lasting memories, good memories, remain.



Rest in peace dear soldiers...
may God bless you and your families

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Mike Schwab

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