PFC - E2 - Marine Corps - Regular
19 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Jul 22, 1948
His tour of duty began on Feb 19, 1968
Casualty was on Mar 14, 1968
Body was recovered

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall
Panel 44E - - Line 55


Medford Man Dies In Action. Medford Marine Pfc. James Carl Whisnan of Medford has been killed in Vietnam, his parents report. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Whisnan said they were told their son died from gunshot wounds received while on patrol near Quang Nam. Whisnan enlisted in the Marines in 1967. He was the 262nd Oregon man to die in the war and the 63rd this year. (Oregonian)

Marine Whisnan Killed in Vietnam While on Patrol
    Marine Pfc James Carl Whisnan, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Whisnan, 1545 Dakota Ave, Medford, was killed 14 Mar (1968) while on patrol near Quang Nam Vietnam. According to information received here the Marine died from gunshot wounds.
    Pfc Whisnan, a 1966 graduate of Medford High School was with the 27th Regimental Landing Team of the 5th Marine Division which was visited by President Lyndon B. Johnson 17 Feb (1968) as they left the El Toro Marine Air Station CA en route to Vietnam.
    At the time of his death, Pfc. Whisnan was serving with Company, 3rd Battalion, RLT 2nd Platoon, 1st Marine Division Reinforced.
    The Marine was born 22 Jul 1948 in Santa Maria CA and had made his home in Medford since 1952. Prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps 24 Apr 1967 he was employed by Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Medford.
    Survivors include, in addition to his parents, three sisters Mrs. Jackaline Dyer, Mrs. Connie Sue Gould and Vicki Lynn, all Medford. (Medford Mail Tribune, Medford OR, 18 Mar 1968)

44EAST - 55 - Unit I CO 3RD BN 27TH MAR  - Quang Nam S. Vietnam - Hostile, Died; Guns, Small Arms Fire; Ground Casualty

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16 Jan 2005

I went to high school with Jim. There was a group of us who hung out together every day at lunch time. Jim was just an average guy, but I remember him joking around a lot. I always liked him. We were all average guys, sneaking around, smoking cigarettes, cutting classes. We would go down to Stu's and hang out. Stu's was the local burger joint near Medford High, on Oakdale. We had some good times there, Jim. I left school in my sophomore year, I never saw Jim again as I moved out of state. I joined the Marines in 1965, came back from Vietnam in 1967, and got married Feb 10, 1968. I read about Jim's death in the local paper. I was very sad, and I have never forgotten him. I want people to remember Jim as a nice guy. That's how I remember him. You are a hero to me, Jim!

Bob Lee Phillips


10 Dec 2006

I found this site quite by accident. I have been thinking of Jimmy (as we called him) for several weeks now. Several of us grew up in the same neighborhood in Medford. He wasn't one of my best friends but his sister was. We dated through high school. Jimmy was the first of many friends to die in Vietnam. Thank you for this opportunity to say something to him after all these years.

From a childhood friend,
Mike Duncan


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Pfc Whisnan was killed during a squad patrol engagement while India 3/27 was participating in a sweep operation in the Phong Ho hamlet area about 13 kilometers south-southeast of Danang airfield. Two other Marines were wounded and four NVA soldiers were killed during the engagement.

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